Abortion is America’s Holocaust


During the Nazi holocaust, Josef Mengele used concentration camp prisoners, including young children, as test subjects for a catalog of demented medical experiments. Documents uncovered by Allied forces revealed that, before they were killed, Mengele’s victims were subjected to pain on a scale that can only be described as unimaginable.

After the war, Mengele became known as the “The Angel of Death” and international prosecutors wanted to put him on trial. But he had fled Germany and could not be found. Then, in 1985, a body was exhumed from a South American grave that DNA evidence confirmed to be his. After eluding capture for 34 years, Josef Mengele had died at the age of 68 having never been tried for his crimes. But in a Philadelphia courtroom, we are being given a glimpse of what Mengele’s trial might have looked like. It is the criminal prosecution of abortionist, Kermit Gosnell.

In the coming days, we will learn the outcome of this trial. But whether Gosnell is tossed onto death row, set free, or something in between, the far bigger picture is what this trial says about our country. The late Vice President, Hubert Humphrey, once stated that America would be judged on how it treats those at the dawn of life, those in the twilight of life and those in the shadows of life. If he was right, then the ultimate verdict of this trial will not be rendered by the 12 men and women who made up the jury. Instead, it will be revealed in the way the public responds to what they’ve been shown. Make no mistake; regardless of anything that happened or didn’t happen in that courtroom, the real defendant was the American people.

By the way, it is interesting to note how Josef Mengele made his living during the 34 years he was hiding from justice. He was an abortionist.



So, how accurate is the legal abortion-Holocaust comparison? The Holocaust grew out of scientific work and legal precedent begun in England and the U.S. Legal abortion expresses today’s economic and psychological sciences, which assume economic and psychological harm to women will be reduced if their children are killed. The rhetoric used by the advocates of legal abortion against the child in the womb (“a disease,” “bacilli” “parasites”) repeats the Nazi rhetoric against the Jews. Both German and U.S. courts stripped their victims of all rights prior to destroying them. In both cases, medical experimentation on living and dead victims grew in parallel with the expansion of the programs. In both cases, researchers support their work with the same rationales. Other parallels could be brought forward if space permitted.

An objective study of the Holocaust and legal abortion demonstrates striking similarities. However, there are differences. For instance, the Nazis felt they had to hide the death camps to avoid general outrage; nearly all such camps were in Poland or Byelorussia, not Germany. In contrast, Americans debate but largely accept abortion clinics in our midst. In terms of pure body count, Hitler did not match Stalin, Stalin did not match Mao Tse Tung, and Mao has nothing on the U.S. Supreme Court. The differences are not all to our benefit.



There are a number of theories as to why Adolf Hitler hated the Jews. Some surmised that he was insanely jealous of them, because many were able to stay financially secure during the 1929 depression. Others think that he was bitter because he contracted syphilis from a Jewish prostitute.  Still other authorities believe that his hatred grew out of a sense of rejection, after he submitted his paintings to the Vienna Academy of Fine Art.  Hitler claimed that the professors that rejected him were Jewish.

Whatever the reason for his hatred, it cannot be denied that Adolf Hitler had another incentive to kill Jews.  They helped him to finance his war-machine.  Every time he seized the assets of wealthy Jewish families, it meant money in his bank.  Cash, adding up to many billions of dollars came directly from their murder.  According to those who have access to the details, he financed a massive 30 per cent of the German war effort by killing Jewish families and stealing their wealth. Mass-murder of wealthy Jews was an extremely attractive, lucrative, and lawful business in Germany, and the economics even trickled down to the not-so-wealthy Jewish families.  It all added up–from the taking of their homes, their vehicles, their paintings, their jewelry, their savings, the extracting of gold from their teeth, the cutting the rings from off their fingers, to the valuable hair on their head—all of it added up to big money for Adolf Hitler and his cause.

The pro-choice industry has the same incentive.  They have the enthusiasm of religious zealots. They pressure politicians to be pro-choice, engage celebrities to rally for the cause, and strongly advocate voters to vote for a woman’s right to choose. They protest, raise their angry voices, boldly hold up pro-choice signs, and viciously demonize those who speak up for the rights of the unborn.



America’s Abortions  Nazi Holocaust 

Kill Rate

1.3 million per year 1 million per year(6 million in WWII)


Unwanted babies Unwanted Jews


Not fully human Not fully human

Victims’ Voices

Unheard Unheard

Victims’ Bodies

Disposed as trash Disposed as trash

Killed By

Licensed doctors Licensed doctors


The latest technology The latest technology

To Commit

Murder as per the Bible Murder as per the Bible

And Known To

American citizens German citizens

Who Will Be Asked

Why didn’t you try to stop it? Why didn’t you try to stop it?

The guilt we cast upon the Nazi-era Germans today for not stopping the Jewish holocaust will be cast upon us by future generation for the holocaust of our babies, and rightfully so.


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