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The watchdog group Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) has released its analysis of the latest annual report issued by the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The report shows abortion continues to be the dominant priority of the organization:

“Planned Parenthood continues to claim that abortion is three percent of its services in the 2010 report. By comparing the number of condoms, birth control pills, and other low cost items distributed to the number of abortions it commits, Planned Parenthood intentionally misleads the public and those in charge of providing government funding for its grisly business by painting a grossly inaccurate picture of what its business is all about,” the group says.

It adds:  “By comparing PP’s abortion income with its clinic income, we get a much more accurate picture of Planned Parenthood’s business model. In 2010, Planned Parenthood’s abortion income was 51.5 percent of its clinic income.”

Government funding accounts for 46.5 percent of Planned Parenthood’s income — to the tune of $1.3 million per day, STOPP indicates.

“We have long known that Planned Parenthood receives more government income than it was reporting under its “government grants and programs” heading. With the 2010 annual report, it changed its method of reporting income to more truthfully reveal the extent of its government funding. With the change in reporting, we find that 46.5 percent of its revenue came from government sources in 2010. That’s up dramatically from the 33 percent it reported as government grants and programs income in 2009,” it says.

Planned Parenthood flexed its political muscles in the last presidential election, taking credit for the re-election of President Barack Obama. It receives so much government funding—$1.5 million per day, each and every day—that many who monitor its actions think of it as at least a pseudo-government agency. Planned Parenthood took credit for electing a plethora of Democratic candidates and defeating Republican candidates, and spent millions of dollars in so doing. In fact, Planned Parenthood Action Fund spent $5.3 million opposing Republican candidates and $1.5 million in support of Democratic candidates. It spent $0 in supporting Republican candidates and $0 in defeating Democratic candidates.

Yet Planned Parenthood wants to portray itself as a healthcare organization—a very unique healthcare organization that women can’t do without.


For years, Planned Parenthood has told us that abortions are a very small part of its business line, at just 3% of its health services.  Ezra Klein, Slate, President Obama, Media Matters, and others have gone to great lengths to repeat and perpetuate this claim.

Further, according to sometime Planned Parenthood affiliate the Guttmacher Institute, only 1.5% of all American abortions occur after the 20th week of pregnancy.  If we are to believe Planned Parenthood and Guttmacher, combined, this means that only 0.045% (1.5% of 3%) of Planned Parenthood’s health services are abortions that occur beyond the 20th week of pregnancy.

In the recent debate about tightening the Texas abortion prohibition from 24 to 20 weeks, the robust and well-organized protests of the opposition have cast into doubt the 3% claim and its 0.045% corollary.  According to the New York Times, the legislation might lead to the “closing of most of Texas’ 42 abortion clinics.”  Democrats and Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards were more precise, with both certain that 37 of 42 clinics would close.

These dire predictions strongly suggest that abortion is a lot more important than health care to Planned Parenthood; despite our having been assured by no less than the president of the United States that these clinics are in the (mammographyless) health care business, not the abortion business.  To the contrary, the importance of abortion to Planned Parenthood, and specifically 21- to 24-week abortions, was made readily apparent by the Austin arrival of CEO Cecile Richards, who flew in from HQ to personally oppose the Texas bill.

So which is abortion, meaningful or insignificant to Planned Parenthood?  This is a lot of hysteria and protest for something that represents just 0.045% of Planned Parenthood’s health services activities.  Might Planned Parenthood be in the abortion business after all?


I have been working with the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling for over 25 years. For those of you that don’t know anything about us, we provide pregnancy testing, limited obstetrical ultrasounds and limited STD testing (chlamydia and gonorrhea) at no charge.  We also have never received a dime of taxpayer money.

Women come to us who are just suspecting that they are pregnant and are not sure what to do. If our pregnancy test and ultrasound show that they are pregnant, we provide them with a comprehensive list of medical services in the community that can help pregnant women, even if they do not have insurance. We feel secure knowing that we have provided them with quality, affordable care. Planned Parenthood is nowhere to be found on our list!

(Ironically, Planned Parenthood regularly sends patients to us. Usually that is because they are not seeking an abortion but are in need of an early ultrasound. These women tell us that the ultrasounds at Planned Parenthood are too expensive!)

We see over 1,000 women a year, most of them living below the poverty level, and we have never felt it necessary to refer even one to Planned Parenthood.

Yes, Planned Parenthood provides services like pap smears and sports physicals. They run STD tests and give treatment. However, they are also the largest provider of abortions in the United States. And, the undercover videos produced by Live Action show an organization willing to do anything, even at the expense of condemning young girls to a life of sex slavery, to turn a profit!

The tax money now being given to Planned Parenthood should instead be given to community organizations that will provide great pre-natal care and basic medical support without providing abortions. Big cities are full of such centers, many of them struggling financially because they lack Planned Parenthood’s political clout. However, with proper funding, they could provide far superior service than Planned Parenthood since they will be concerned for life!


“I used to consider myself pro-choice.  Believe it or not, despite my years of experience as a journalist, I too believed the sales pitch of the abortion movement.  It wasn’t until I was assigned to report on welfare funded abortions in my home state of Michigan that my eyes slowly began to open.  Back in the early 1980s when voters were being asked to end welfare funding, a wonderful pro-life nurse laid out a long list of facts for me concerning women who are pressured into abortions as well as the countless safety issues at abortion facilities.  I was stunned.  I was mad at myself for not using my skills to get the facts earlier.  I was furious at my profession for not only going along for the ride but for aiding and abetting the abortion industry at every turn, and only doing the bare minimum when it came to reporting the other side of the story.  And I was furious with the Planned Parenthoods and NARALs (now NARAL-Pro Choice America) of the world, who proudly and arrogantly proclaimed they were so concerned with reproductive health when abortion has absolutely nothing to do with either reproduction or health!  In addition to keeping so many in the dark about the ugly realities of one of the most profitable scams going, these so called “women’s groups” also blatantly ignore the cries of fellow women who learned the hard way that abortion is harmful.  … They have been so successful that abortion has become synonymous with women’s health.  It’s called a “choice” and now even a “right.”  Anyone who publicly disagrees is considered out of touch and accused of wanting to hurt, not help, women” —Teresa Tomeo, excerpt from the book “Recall Abortion”


For an organization’s whose namesake includes “Parenthood”, their Annual Reports don’t even mention how many clients have been trained in parenting skills or how many parenting classes have been offered. Abortions are proudly celebrated, and the term itself is found 35 times in their 2009-2010 Annual Report. The terms ‘parenting’ and ‘adoption’ are only found once. Abstinence is included 5 times–each instance referring to ‘abstinence-only’ programs that are “dangerous” and need to be eliminated. Of course, those who abstain (particularly those between the ages of 15-25) won’t need Planned Parenthood’s “services.”

The words ‘parent’, ‘parenthood’ (other than their own name), ‘mother’, or ‘father’ never appear throughout their entire Annual Report. It would be like the nonprofit organization ‘Charity Water’ not having anything to do with water.

Every other so-called “service” offered by the nation’s largest abortion chain, is quantified. What isn’t seen is that none of these services bring in anything comparable to the massive $200 million in revenue that abortions generate. Interestingly enough, parenthood isn’t even mentioned, by an organization whose namesake touts “choice”.


According to Planned Parenthood’s own research arm, about 13,000 abortions each year are attributed to rape and incest—representing a mere 1 percent of all abortions (Guttmacher Institute, 2001). Even smaller numbers represent cases where abortion was indicated to save the mother’s life, despite the fact that saving the mother has served as a pillar for apologists of unfettered abortion rights.

The abortion industry works to hide the truth about abortion, and the pro-life argument against abortion on demand is the response to this industry’s obfuscation. Just like the tobacco companies don’t want you to know the health hazards of tobacco, the abortion industry has a vested interest in hiding from women the health hazards & dangers inherent in the abortion procedure. The danger of punctured uterine walls, increasing one’s risk of cervical cancer, and the number of mal-practice cases against a clinic are not information they are likely to share. The label “pro-choice” does not apply to the privately owned abortion clinics that operate like any business interested in making a profit. It’s in the self interest of the abortion clinic to provide only information that supports their business.

Thirty-nine years and an estimated 50 million abortions after the Supreme Court created the unrestricted abortion right with its decision in Roe v. Wade, public support for the absolutist pro-choice side is falling.

At the very least, the money fountain might dry up. The House last year passed a bill banning any federal funding of abortion; it won’t become law any time soon, but that doesn’t mean appropriations can’t be cut more quietly.

Indeed, as Rep. Stearns pointed out, Planned Parenthood’s windfall from the Komen flap calls into question why it should get any public monies at all. “I believe that Planned Parenthood could be, and should be, totally self-sufficient, as with so many other nonprofit organizations,” he said.

Not funding abortion is a far cry from opposing or banning it, of course. But, as the Komen Foundation learned, the pro-choice lobby won’t let anyone take that middle ground in peace.


Planned Parenthood released their statistics for 2011-2012.  By their own statistics, Planned Parenthood performed a record 333,964 abortions. Up, not down, from the previous year and a direct contradiction to the statement that abortions are more difficult to obtain. What Planned Parenthood doesn’t want you to know is that taxpayers are footing the bill, increasing the amount each year. Last year taxpayers footed the bill to the hefty tune of $542.4 million. No small change!

Planned Parenthood is doing just fine financially. Its net assets are valued at $1,244.7 billion. With a national debt topping an astronomical $16 trillion, an amount larger than our entire economy, our country is facing an economic crisis. We are precariously poised to face a recession or worse unless Congress controls its spending. What that means for anyone who is receiving a piece of the federal pie is that they need to create a convincing case that they are worth being spent on; they are needed and they have a need.

How is Planned Parenthood needed? Just mention a cut in funds and suddenly they are for women’s health. During the Presidential debates, President Obama claimed, “There are millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for mammograms.” Sorry, but it’s not true. Planned Parenthood does not do a single mammogram. Zero. While they offer other services, their number one service is abortion.

Bill Clinton once said he wanted to keep abortion “safe, legal and rare.” According to the Guttmacher Institute more than 1 million abortions are performed each year. That is hardly rare. What about safe? According to the Centers for Disease Control more than 400 women have died from legal abortions since 1973. What about licensing? Why are pro-abortion activists against safety at abortion clinics, as noted in the Time article? No one talks about the women who are driven away in ambulances at the back door of the “legal” abortion clinics (as in two separate incidents in Milwaukee on July 21, 2012) or the women who have died or been maimed by doctors like Milan Vuitch. And no one wants to hear the facts about partial birth abortion, because it is too gruesome.

Pro-abortion advocates, as well as Planned Parenthood, want to present themselves as compassionate, caring. Yet, the local pregnancy help center offers women free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, while the abortion clinic across the street charges poor women $75.00 for the same combined services.


Planned Parenthood likes to talk about how only 3% of their services are abortion.

A simple example of how they come to this calculation would be Planned Parenthood aborting 3 children and giving out 97 condoms. They would say that out of 100 services, 3 or 3% were abortion when in reality the significance and cost of the 3 abortions is much higher than 3% of their efforts.

Planned Parenthood’s accounting of 3% is misleading and not consistent with the rest of the business world. In college I interned at the airline manufacturer Boeing, which sells a lot of airplanes and also a lot of spare parts for those airplanes. For every airplane they sold for tens of millions of dollars, they also sold lots of spare parts for as little as 25 cents. By looking at TOTAL number of sales, you could conclude that 1% of their business was selling airplanes and 99% was spare parts, which is totally ridiculous. The reality was the value of the airplanes sales was close to 99% of their business and the spare parts 1%. Looking at the cost and effort of what is being offered is a much more accurate way to measure. Let’s apply this industry standard measure to Planned Parenthood: 


Annual abortions performed at Planned Parenthood: 332,278
Source: Planned Parenthood 2009 services fact sheet

Average cost of abortion: $468
Source: Guttmacher Institute estimate

Total income from abortions: $155,506,104

Total health center income: $404,900,000
Source: Planned Parenthood 2009 annual report

This means that fully 38.4% of Planned Parenthood health center income comes directly from aborting unborn children.

This is a far cry from the 3% number that they try to dupe the public with. Doesn’t it say something that even Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion chain in America, tries to downplay their role in ending the lives of unborn children?


The abortion industry is the joyful recipient of a very successful and lucrative business.  If you don’t believe that it is a huge money-making scheme, check out your local provider for current prices.  With the efficiency of a drive-through, they will expedite the killing of your baby for just $765 for up to a 16-week-old child, but the price increases if the baby is over 19 weeks. You will be shelling out three times the amount, and paying a whopping $2,165 ( for current prices).

That’s pretty good income for a few minutes of ripping off the arms, the legs, and head of a baby onto a table; checking the body parts to make sure they’re all out, and then putting them in the trash.  It’s just 15 to 20 minutes work for a skilled physician, who can kill 10 or 15 babies a day. And it’s all legal, very efficient, and is done behind closed doors, just like the Holocaust.  The issue has little to do with pro-choice.  It is one of pro-cash. The love of money is still the root of all evil.


One billion dollars – that is the total net assets of the largest abortion provider in America, Planned Parenthood. Think about that, $1,000,000,000.

But where does that money come from? Astonishingly enough, you. 46%, nearly half, of the abortion giant’s billion-dollar budget comes from your tax dollars.

In the previous year, covering July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009, Planned Parenthood reported that it received a total of $363 million in taxpayer funding. Yet, their most recent report, covering July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 shows that Planned Parenthood received an astounding $487.4 million dollars in taxpayer funds.

During the same one-year period, Planned Parenthood committed329,455 abortions. Just how many adoption referrals did they perform? 841, not thousand, just 841 adoption referrals.

The question begs itself: why does this billion dollar abortion organization need taxpayer subsidies?

While federal law prevents tax dollars from directly funding abortions, there is nothing that prevents Planned Parenthood from using these hundreds of millions of tax dollars to free up other funds for abortions: to keep the lights on in their abortion facilities, pay for equipment, perform consultations, and abortion referrals. Planned Parenthood can use this money to pay doctor, administrator, and staff salaries, all of whom participate in committing abortions. Nothing is stopping them from using this money to pay legal feeslobby for abortion drugs, or wage a publicity campaign to prevent the implementation of strict safety regulations in clinics.

The simple fact of the matter is that Planned Parenthood makes sure to perform “other” services, like pregnancy tests or distributing contraceptives, at all of its abortion clinics. That way it can use tax dollars to fund every other aspect of its business to keep its doors open, supposedly walling this money off from actually performing an abortion. And even this supposed wall is shady.


We are women’s healthcare!” Planned Parenthood screams at the top of the lungs of their political influence, going as far as to claim that “anti-choice politicians [are] determined to take away women’s access to healthcare.” However, every single service they provide aside from abortion are provided at any and every actual health care facility available to every person in the United States.

Just because Planned Parenthood offers prenatal care and adoption referrals doesn’t mean they actually do them, as we learned was the case in Wisconsin. Planned Parenthood claims to do a great many things that they don’t actually, and their annual records will show the same. According to their own 2011-2012 Annual Report, Planned Parenthood aborts 145 babies for every 1 adoption referral.

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