How Abortion Mills Dispose of the Remains of Aborted Babies


There are two common methods of disposing of the bodies of first-trimester aborted babies: Flushing them down a garbage disposal or “Insinkerator” or disposing of them as biological waste in special plastic bags. Larger aborted babies are frequently sold for research purposes.

Pro-abortionists do not want the remains of aborted babies (especially late-term aborted babies) to fall into the hands of pro-life activists who then can reveal the bloody reality of abortion to the world. In Wichita, Kansas, and other cities, pro-lifers have discovered aborted preborn babies as large as six pounds (full-term) being burned as garbage along with dead dogs, cats, and birds thrown out by local Humane Society offices. Some abortionists have even used meat grinders and garbage disposals to dispose of the bodies of aborted preborn babies.


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