Down Syndrome


An estimated 92 percent of all women who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome choose to terminate their pregnancies according to research reviewed by Dr. Brian Skotko, a pediatric geneticist at Children’s Hospital Boston.

Birthing trends worldwide show that women are waiting longer to have children and advanced maternal age is associated with increased risk of having a child with Down syndrome.

The number of Down Syndrome cases is declining enough in the United States to raise concerns that research funding to study the congenital condition will dry up. There’s also worry that more people will deny themselves what some call the “gift” of raising children with Down syndrome.

Dear mom with a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis

I know how you feel.

Except — unlike you, I was holding my new baby, Kate, in my arms when I found out. She was wrapped in a blanket, looking up at me as I cried, listening to the Neonatologist on staff tell me — only minutes after she was born — that she had Down syndrome. And what that meant.

‘If I don’t protect them, I am nothing”: The man who discovered Down syndrome


The world was his oyster. Not only was he a young, handsome medical researcher passionate about improving human lives, but he was the first to make the genetic breakthrough that Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra 21st chromosome.

Fame, glory, and prestige were heaped upon him for his discovery. He was splashed across the front pages of national newspapers. He became an advisor to the president. He received the highest award in genetics. He shot to distinction as a scholar, teacher, and researcher.

But Dr. Jerome Lejeune of France was also a man of truth, committed to his principles.

…the story of a dad who wanted to abort his Down syndrome daughter


BY Kristi Burton Brown

ESPN airs a weekly show called “E:60.” This investigative hour-long show highlights stories – often personal, touching, and sometimes tragic ones – related to sports. On October 1, ESPN posted a segment of “E:60″ called “Perfect” to YouTube. “Perfect” is nothing less than a gripping, life-changing tale.

Heath White, a military man, marathon runner, and all-around success story, was suddenly faced with a choice. During his wife’s second pregnancy, Heath discovered that his new daughter would be born less than perfect, to his way of thinking. Heath admits that he pressured his wife to have an abortion, yet she bravely refused.

A Father’s Letter to his Newborn Son


This morning, Russell Moore penned an article to his newborn son Taylor explaining the meaning behind his name. The entire letter is beautiful and most certainly worth the read. I wanted to highlight a few paragraphs here.


Early on in your unborn life, a doctor told us he thought you would have Down Syndrome. He turned out to be wrong, but we didn’t know that until you were born. Sadly, you probably won’t meet a lot of kids with Down Syndrome because so few of them ever make it to birth these days, so you might not even understand what that is.

In Defense of My Position on Abortion and Down Syndrome


I wasn’t going to respond to the following comment I just received on My Angry Down Syndrome Awareness post that I wrote last year. This person’s statements had been well crafted and had the ring of something she’d probably said a thousand times before. Someone who comes and posts such a thing is not easily swayed. I haven’t been able to get the things she said out of my head though, because too many women have been deceived into believing the same thing. I write this too, because I’ve received MANY other emails and comments that echo the same following sentiments:

Rare: a Pro-Life Play in Toronto about Down Syndrome


It is about people with Down syndrome and the title refers to the sad reality that there are fewer people with Down Syndrome — sad because they are being exterminated in utero solely due to their genetic flaw (an extra chromosone).

…“a scene about women who choose to have abortions rather than delivering children with Down syndrome.” There’s a letter to women pregnant with children diagnosed in utero with having the condition in which the character urges them to be brave. “Thompson says she fears Down syndrome adults may be a disappearing community as fewer children are being born with Down syndrome because of genetic testing.

USA Today: How will we kill all the babies with Down syndrome with a 20 week abortion ban?


Polling by Gallup and others has shown the most Americans oppose late-term abortion and support the banning of it in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Texas’s SB5 20 week abortion ban has brought the issue of banning late-term abortions back into the national spotlight and now, pro-aborts are scrambling to find a way to make the abhorrent practice palatable to the public, with the media being more than complicit.