Black Media Shills for Big Abortion

Abortion is the civil rights issue of our day. Black leaders from across the country are fighting the scourge of abortion, despite failed leadership from the NAACP, National Urban League and the Congressional Black Caucus. Black babies are aborted up to 5 times more than the majority population yet it is celebrated by so-called “civil rights” groups as “reproductive justice”. Martin Luther King Jr. did not fight for justice for the few, but for all. Let’s remind ourselves that when a government determines who is a person and who isn’t inhumanity follows. (Learn more at

Media created by The Radiance Foundation and National Black Prolife Coalition


The Root, a “black media” subsidiary of The Washington Post, claims that “safe” abortion and contraception save women’s lives. Special correspondent Keli Goff presents a free advertisement, posing as news, forPlanned Parenthood. Never mind the abortion chain has never reduced the national unintended pregnancy rate…EVER. The CDC reports (since they started tracking this data in 1995) that the national unintended pregnancy rate hasn’t been reduced at all. It’s still 49%. But, Planned Parenthood has successfully increased their share of our tax dollars (now at over $540 million per year) and nationwide abortions since then, currently aborting nearly 330,000 annually.

Abortion doesn’t improve women’s health. It always kills at least one human life and in the case of Tonya Reaves, Jennifer Morbelli, and more than 350 other women, it has been unsafe for far too many since 1973.

In case Ms. Goff hasn’t noticed, pro-abortion activists have shown no interest in reducing the number of abortions as they fight ferociously to defend back-alley abortionists. In state after state, any common sense prolife protection that has been passed is treated with venomous resistance (Austin, Texas anyone?).  Liberal feminists tout abortion as “equality” and “freedom”. Why in the world would they want to reduce their blood-soaked “equality”?

We have more access to contraception and “comprehensive” sex education than ever before yet the black community is plagued withexponentially higher STDs (8 times higher Chlamydia cases and 20 times higher Gonorrhea infections than majority population), massively higher abortion rates at up to 5 times that of whites (e.g. New York State), and devastatingly high fatherlessness where 72.3% of black children are born into homes without fathers. Single female-led homes are the largest contributor to child poverty, increasing poverty risk by 5 times. How’s that for empowerment? Women are incredible and resilient but were never meant to play the role of both mother and father. The Root is intent on spinning and skewing statistics to create a fantasy world where killing our offspring somehow makes women more equal. None of the sources cited by Ms. Goff provides any reliable empirical data about abstinence education, especially since the “evidence” is presented by anti-abstinence/pro-abortion sources, especially those who profit from abortion. I know today’s journalists don’t like the idea of investigating much of anything, but citing the ever-contradictoryGuttmacher (which has received millions worth of funding from Planned Parenthood) is like quoting a tobacco’s company’s PR firm that ‘smoking is perfectly healthy’.

Goff refers to a poll on Abstinence by Essence magazine, an outspoken ally of Planned Parenthood who co-sponsored bloggers conferences with the abortion giant. Essence and its allies continually suggest that Planned Parenthood is a better parent and educator to our children, especially those (gasp) religious parents! They are just an obstacle to Big Abortion’s sought-after customer base. A recent Department of Health and Human Services study (which was quashed because it belies Secretary Sebelius’ radical pro-abortion position) contradicts Goff’s contention that religious parents are less likely to discuss sex with their children; they are the most likely among any other demographic. (See

A fascinating study by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, utilizing data from the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth,

ever been pregnant (between 2006-2010) that 10% of women who’ve never used contraception have had one or more abortions. However, 20.2% of women who’ve ever usedcontraception have had one or more abortions. Of those having abortions, 70.4% had their first intercourse at 16 years of age or younger. Contrast that with the 5% of those having abortions who’ve had their first sexual intercourse at the age of 20 or older. Delaying sexual activity clearly lowers likelihood of abortion. (The demographic having the most abortions are those ages 20-24, which comprise 33% of all nationwide abortions in 2010.)

That aside, how any black “journalist” can spin the fact thatmore black babies are aborted than are born alive is beyond comprehension. In New York City, for every 1,000 black babies that are born alive, 1,223 are aborted. The black community is the only demographic where this occurs.  (This is illuminated in our ad campaign.) Yet Goff and other abortion apologists celebrate it as empowerment.

In 1968 in NYC, there were 68 maternal deaths with 141,920 live births, 608 legal abortions and 59 illegal abortions according to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. In 2008 (the last year Guttmacher reported national abortion numbers), there were 44 maternal deaths with 82,475 legal and “safe” abortions and less live births (121,756).

Let’s not forget that Dr. Mary Calderone, Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director, declared in 1959: “Abortion is no longer a dangerous procedure…90% of all illegal abortions are presently being done by physicians. Many of these physicians are in good standing in their communities.”

Well, there you have it. So much for the myth of 5,000 women dying from “unsafe” abortions. Planned Parenthood said so. And there is no legitimate federal source that provides such numbers. It’s a fabrication from NARAL. Even Guttmacher reported (in yet another example of their statistical contradictory nature and unsubstantiated data sources) that less than an estimated 880 women died of abortion-related causes in a 6-year period from 1965 to 1970, averaging about 147 deaths per year.  The CDC reported in 1972, prior to Roe, that there were 24 deaths from legal and “safe” abortion and 39 from illegal abortions…a far cry from the trumped up number hanging from liberal feminists equally mythological hangers.

The truth is, medical advances (mostly antibiotics and improved medical practices) protect women. It’s the reason why maternal mortality rates came crashing down from a high of 607.9 deaths per 100,000 live births  in 1915 to 21.5 per 100,00 live births in 1970. This dramatic drop was obviously not the result of “safe abortion”. Maternal mortality rates are currently around 12.7 per 100,000 births, which translates into 548 tragic deaths nationwide. How do 548 deaths even begin to justify the deliberately caused deaths of 1.21 million unborn children? When we show love and care to both mother and child, we all benefit. Pregnancy Care Centers are a huge part of that compassionate equation, offering all of their life-affirming services for free (unlike Planned Parenthood which charges for every service).

Contraception has given millions the false sense of protection and a license to abandon responsibility. In the 1940s, 3.8% of children were born outside of marriage. Today, that reality is 41%. Of the 1.21 million abortions in the nation, 85% are among unmarried women. It’s a faux choice for a woman to have to choose between abortion or personal death. Embracing abortion as a solution further intensifies the abandonment that is part of a warped “brochoice” mentality.

Roe has encouraged men to have sex and run, while abortion and poverty have taken the place of fathers.

Goff absurdly asserts: “The bottom line is that if a woman doesn’t have adequate contraceptive coverage, family planning guidance or access to safe and legal abortion—and, in some cases, access to safety-net assistance programs and Medicaid because they’ve been reduced by budgetary cutbacks—what exactly is she supposed to do?”

How about exercise self-control? Men and women have that choice every single day, but Goff insists that without government welfare and contraception, a black woman has no other choice. She parrots the propaganda of an industry birthed in eugenic racism and rooted in blatant dishonesty. When black babies are aborted at rates 5 times that of the majority population and 79% of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics are located in majority black and Hispanic neighborhoods, there isn’t a lack of access to “reproductive healthcare”. There is, however, a severe lack of access to the truth. Tragically, The Root chooses to contribute to the deliberate and fatal miseducation of a generation. It’s not about contraception. It’s about deception.


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