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With the creation of this website, I’ve become an advocate for the unborn.  I am still amazed that speaking for a human child and it’s right to life is so political and controversial.  How did we as a country determine that killing 3,000 babies every day is not only acceptable, but also a right?  Death should never be anyone’s solution, or even a means to an end.

We’ve set a standard that a child who is wanted and suffers death before it is born, is tragic and called murder; but a child that is not wanted and suffers death before it is born, is legal and called choice.  Is this really who we are? How much farther will we go before we put a value on each person’s life and can decide who lives and who dies?

A great source and inspiration for this website is a book titled “Recall Abortion“, written by Janet Morana.  Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life states in the forward:

This book is not just for pro-life or pro-choice people.  It’s for people who know in their hearts that they do care about women, and that in the end, that matters more than all the ideology and slogans, the rhetoric and politics of the abortion debate.  It’s for people who prefer to listen with their heart rather than shout with their tongue.  It’s for people who, far from pointing fingers of condemnation, want to extend hands of compassion.  It’s for people who want to make a difference in the abortion debate, not by simply asking whether abortion is right or wrong, or whether it should be legal or illegal, but by taking the debate to a deeper level by answering a deeper question:  What really serves the authentic good of women?”

So why another website when there is already a plethora of websites with the same message wanting to make a difference? This website uncovers the damage caused from abortion and how it scars many women physically, mentally and emotionally throughout their entire life.  It outlines the war that abortion wages on women, through sex-selection, human trafficking, and discrimination.  It further uncovers the motivation behind the abortion industry which is to continue to keep women in the dark about the risks and aftermath they might experience from an abortion.  Often times, these facilities fail to offer any type of counseling or options that could be available to these women in crisis.  Disclosing this type of information would result in losing millions of dollars in profit these facilities make from the deaths of the unborn.

This website also provides solutions that offer help and assistance to women seeking an abortion, solutions that most can agree are in their best interest, thus bridging the gap between pro-life and pro-choice.  There will always be those on either side of this issue who draw a line in the sand and refuse to budge for fear of losing the argument and compromising their principles and beliefs.  The result is that over 55 million children have lost their right to live.

Morana states:

“For our culture to continue to go down the road of abortion-on-demand without even paying attention to, much less trying to avert, the damage abortion is doing, constitutes a failure of our defense systems and raises the question as to whether we have lost the ability to recover.  Abortion, along with the blindness to the harm of abortion, places society on a path to self-destruction.” … “If any product caused just a few of these problems, it would be pulled from the shelves or discontinued as a practice.  Yet abortion continues, claiming the lives of more than three thousand children a day in the United States, and forever changing the mothers who made the choice.”

In a perfect world, there would be no abortion.  In a perfect world, the deliberate killing of a baby while still in their mother’s womb would be murder, just like killing any other human. But the fact remains, abortion has been around for over 2,000 years and whether it is legal or illegal, women will always seek to end a pregnancy through abortion.  But how many of these women would look to other options if they were offered assistance and counseling to carry their baby to term or provide their child a loving home through adoption?  What if these “choices” were no longer the profitable “cash cow” for the thousands of doctors and clinics who perform these abortions?  Just imagine, if the 1.25 million tax dollars spent every day to help fund abortions instead  helped provide formula, clothing, diapers, day care, family planning, counseling, parenting resources and adoption services.

So a more realistic goal is to find a way to initially reduce and ultimately eliminate the thousands of elective abortions performed every single day:  those pregnancies which are terminated out of convenience, on demand for any reason, and at any stage of a pregnancy.  This is where the majority of our society can unite and find solutions that not only save the life of the unborn, but support the mother and the entire family.

You may be asking why I am only focusing on the 95% of  “elective” abortions that take place.  Am I making an exception for the other 5% which include rape and the those that might save the life of the mother?  The answer is NO!  Make no mistake, I am against all abortion, 100% of the time and I would always advocate for life over death.  In fact, one pro-life blog states: “The pro-life position on abortion can’t be true in some cases and not in other cases. Abortion is either always taking a life or it is never taking a life. Taking a baby’s life through abortion is either always wrong or it is never wrong. It can’t be both and pro-lifers who are tolerating abortion in some cases are in fact swimming in lukewarm pro-choice waters.

To be clear, I am simply targeting the thousands of abortions occurring every day that the majority of society opposes, which I feel is an important and significant start in winning the abortion debate.  “To argue that it is wrong, even a betrayal, to support amendments to legislation which do not forbid all abortion is to miss the point entirely. We are not supporting pro-abortion legislation when we seek to tighten such laws to a limited extent, we are simply trying to save as many lives as possible in the circumstances … To refuse to save some lives because we cannot save all lives is neither humane in the short term, nor sensible in the long term as we struggle to change public and political opinion….” —John Smeaton, LifeSiteNews

Whether you are pro-choice, pro-life or somewhere in between, I challenge you to learn more about abortion.  You won’t agree with everything on this website, but I encourage you to research these issues for yourself and make your own decisions.  There will always be those who find an article or a story to contradict the topics, but if you listen with your heart, and look beyond the politics that divide us, you will realize that abortion is not the “solution” that many had hoped it would be.

If you don’t know how abortion is performed, I urge you to not only learn the facts but also view the photographs and watch the videos.  I will be the first to say that it’s not easy.  I lost more than a night’s sleep after learning everything that abortion is.   But I must ask, how can someone truly support abortion as a legitimate choice for women, if they cannot absolutely know and see the violence of what that choice involves?

Janet Morana also states in her book “Recall Abortion“:

“The abortion procedure itself is the most unregulated medical practice, and it follows none of the standard of care practices found in good medicine.  Nail salons have to follow strict regulations covering everything from sanitary practices to technician training, but investigations of clinics where women have died or suffered injury from abortion routinely find filthy conditions and untrained staff.  Pets are better protected by the laws regulating veterinary clinics than women are in free-standing abortion clinics.”

The website is about hearts and about life.  Our hearts should come together to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to reduce the need for, and ultimately eliminate, all abortion and celebrate life.

Stephanie ( writes “It is no longer enough for you to sit quietly in your own home or church pew and claim to be something you have never been willing to act on.  Proverbs 31.8-9 clearly encourages us to “open our mouths for the mute and destitute, and to defend the rights of the poor and needy.  Are there any of those in our society who are in more need than those who are being killed by the thousands?” … “Again, it is not enough to live a quiet pro-life life.  It is time to take a hard stance for life.” 

This website, Hearts United for Life, is my hard stance for life!



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