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My Adoption Agencies puts a plethora of adoption information at the tips of prospective adoptive parents and birthparents.

This single all-inclusive website allows parents to search adoption agencies by state, based on location, contact methods, age of child, adoption services, race-specific adoptions, domestic adoptions, infant adoption agencies, older child adoption agencies and types of adoption – albeit it closed or open options.

They also offer in-depth information about international adoptions, including state department information and specific agencies that specialize in the complicated nature of international adoptions. These links highlight international requirements and expenses.

The website also includes “Adoption News,” which provides helpful information and links about how to interview and find the right adoption agency, what to look for when considering adoption, steps to become adoptive parents and even birth parent resources.

While My Adoption Agencies compiles more than 800 domestic adoption agencies, in addition to a variety of international adoption agencies, into one single site, agencies are easily searchable by name, state and/or location.

This site is dedicated to helping birthparents make the difficult decision to place their child for adoption, working with prospective adoptive parents make the commitment to permanently place a child in their home and long-term adoptive parent guidance to raising an adoptive child – especially techniques and recommendations about what is best for the child’s future.

My Adoption Agencies encourages prospective parents to read their blog that offers updated information about adoption news, agencies and information. Both problematic and successful adoptions are often highlighted, giving prospective parents a true reality of the adoption process, including insight into raising an adoptive child.

Additionally, this website highlights agencies that support and offer homestudy services and programs for prospective adoptive parents. This includes agency name, descriptions, locations, contact information and current agency ratings.

The public is also able to submit independent and comprehensive reviews of agencies, including the ability to write detailed, personalized experiences and include a star rating – ranging from one to five stars. This allows parents to express their opinions and share their experiences for other prospective adoptive parents to read.

Browse through My Adoption Agencies and learn more about the adoption process and begin the path to helping save a child’s life and contribute to his/her future today!


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