Pictures of aborted babies: Are they accurate?


One of the first pages that pops up on Google when you look up “abortion picture” is this blog, which presents a photo that was allegedly taken in an abortion clinic by a woman who aborted a six-week-old unborn baby. The picture, which is taken from a considerable distance away, shows what looks to the untrained eye like a jar of blood. The blog owner claims that this is a “true” picture of an abortion, and that pro-lifers’ pictures of aborted babies with hands, feet, faces, etc. are fake.

The blog accuses pro-lifers of lying:

The Use of Graphic Images


By Bud Shaver- Prayer and a Pro-Life Witness

My wife Tara Shaver and I work with Project Defending Life (PDL) a Pro-Life ministry center in Albuquerque, NM, that has a vast amount of resources for abortion-minded women.  I have a rare opportunity to be both out on the street referring women at the abortion clinic to PDL and inside PDL as my wife Tara counsels the women that we reach.  My wife makes the point to ask the women what was it that changed their mind.  Time and time again the graphic images are what penetrated their heart and most contributed in saving their babies from abortion.

Center for Bio-ethical Reform


For as long as photography has existed, graphic images have helped to inform and shape the public conscience. They help take an abstraction and make it much more concrete. Atrocities that remains unseen are much easier to trivialize and much easier to ignore. The images used in the Abort73 website come from the Center for Bio-ethical Reform (CBR). CBR maintains the largest archive of abortion images in existence. All of their videos and photographs were taken inside real working abortion clinics, contracted under guarantees of anonymity, as certified in this signed statement from their photographer.