If you thought that it was frightening enough that the federal government was spying on you and had access to your personal information, get ready: Planned Parenthood is about to obtain access to your Social Security number, tax form, bank account, and medical records.

With the advent of ObamaCare, consumers buying health insurance through health care exchanges will be required to speak to “navigators.” “Navigators” are supposed to help consumers find the best coverage and ascertain whether they are eligible for a federal subsidy. Any “navigator” will have access to the federal data hub, which holds information from the Department of Health and Human Services, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Defense Department, the Office of Personnel Management, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Peace Corps.

Planned Parenthood received $655,000 from the Obama administration to hire navigators.

In Iowa, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland received $214,427; in Montana, Intermountain Planned Parenthood, Inc. got $295,604; and in New Hampshire, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England raked in $145,161.And there is not much scrutiny over who these “navigators” will be; HHS will not require background checks or fingerprinting, and a previous criminal conviction, even if it was for identity theft , will not trigger a rejection. To make matters worse, the administration has cut the new employees’ training from 30 hours to 20 and reduced screening.

Thirteen state attorney generals wrote to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on August 14, blistering the idea. They said the Obama Administration had “failed to adequately protect the privacy” of American citizens. They added:

As it now stands, it is inevitable that HHS’s vague ‘standards’ will result in improperly screened or inadequately trained personnel… Unscrupulous counselors who are not properly screened or supervised, will have easy means to commit identity theft on consumers seeking enrollment assistance.

There have been incidents that lend credence to the fears conservatives, in particular, would have about this new revelation. The National Organization for Marriage discovered that its tax forms were leaked to a gay rights organization and actually printed on The Huffington Post by an IRS employee.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, stated, “We may have come to the point where civil disobedience might be the only solution for an increasingly totalitarian state. I’m resolved to not comply with the invasion of privacy and taxation without representation.”

Noting that Planned Parenthood settled out of court to the tune of $4.3 million in a Medicaid fraud case and is being investigated by the Government Accountability Office (GAO),  Congresswoman Diane Black (R-TN) was furious, saying, “The navigator grants would further enable Planned parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, to continue its misuse of taxpayer dollars to [supplement] their big abortion business.”

To cap off the danger of the “navigator” plan, the federal data hub will be controlled by Serco, which has been hacked before. Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute said the hacking wound up “resulting in the theft of Social Security numbers and other personal information for some 120,000 participants in the federal Thrift Savings Plan.” He added, “The potential privacy threat from ObamaCare is every bit as great” as NSA spying. “Where is Edward Snowden when we need him?”


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