Adoption Resources

My Adoption Agencies puts a plethora of adoption information at the tips of prospective adoptive parents and birthparents.

This single all-inclusive website allows parents to search adoption agencies by state, based on location, contact methods, age of child, adoption services, race-specific adoptions, domestic adoptions, infant adoption agencies, older child adoption agencies and types of adoption – albeit it closed or open options.

They also offer in-depth information about international adoptions, including state department information and specific agencies that specialize in the complicated nature of international adoptions. These links highlight international requirements and expenses.

Adoption Stories


The National Council for Adoption has launched a web campaign called The heart of the campaign is a series of short YouTube videos featuring birth mothers telling their stories of placing their children for adoption.

To say they are “real” seems too flippant. But they are real: happiness, pain, joy, shame, certitude (or lack thereof), and everything else a birth mother experiences is revealed in the stories of these women.