Playing catch with aborted babies: the horrible reality of abortion


Abortion providers see the bodies of aborted babies daily. They deal with the grief and heartache of seeing women through what is almost always a difficult and painful experience. Sometimes the stress of what they are doing comes out in disturbing ways. According to Father Frank Pavone from Priests for Life:

Former workers in the abortion industry have told us stories about playing games of toss with aborted babies in the hallway. Your mind has to invert what is going on: to make it a game, a joke, something positive. It’s the only way to keep from going crazy — and some of them do.

Adoption Resources

My Adoption Agencies puts a plethora of adoption information at the tips of prospective adoptive parents and birthparents.

This single all-inclusive website allows parents to search adoption agencies by state, based on location, contact methods, age of child, adoption services, race-specific adoptions, domestic adoptions, infant adoption agencies, older child adoption agencies and types of adoption – albeit it closed or open options.

They also offer in-depth information about international adoptions, including state department information and specific agencies that specialize in the complicated nature of international adoptions. These links highlight international requirements and expenses.


If you thought that it was frightening enough that the federal government was spying on you and had access to your personal information, get ready: Planned Parenthood is about to obtain access to your Social Security number, tax form, bank account, and medical records.

With the advent of ObamaCare, consumers buying health insurance through health care exchanges will be required to speak to “navigators.” “Navigators” are supposed to help consumers find the best coverage and ascertain whether they are eligible for a federal subsidy. Any “navigator” will have access to the federal data hub, which holds information from the Department of Health and Human Services, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Defense Department, the Office of Personnel Management, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Peace Corps.

Sebelius Unfit For HHS Post – Facts About Her Connections To The Abortion Cartel


Important information and documentation about HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ involvement in abortion scandals when she served as Kansas Governor

UPDATE: Sebelius did not tell the truth about her involvement with abortionists in answers to Senate Committee

Former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is now serving as Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama Administration. Operation Rescue, compiled and published the following information in opposition to Sebelius’ cabinet appointment.


Sebelius is perhaps the most rabidly pro-abortion governor in the United States, and has a long history in Kansas of blocking common-sense legislation that would have protected women from unregulated and unaccountable abortion mills. She has also been caught impeding efforts to hold abortionists accountable to the law.

Ending abortion at the heart: States attempt to ban abortion based on fetal heartbeat


Earlier this year, I reported on the Kansas legislature’s attempt to become the third state to pass a fetal heartbeat bill. Ohio is now the newest state joining the battle. As Representative Christina Hagan puts it:

It’s a new general assembly, and we’re ready to start the fire again, and we’re ready for battle for what we believe is most important in this world, and that is life.

$1 Million in Obamacare Funding to Planned Parenthood Just the Beginning


Only days after Kathleen Sebelius’ HHS announced awarding Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. $375,000 to “promote” the Affordable Care Act, comes word that an additional $655,000 is going to three more branches.

But according to the Heritage Foundation, that million dollars is only the start:

Planned Parenthood could also financially benefit from an Obamacare requirement that qualified insurance plans cover “essential community providers.” Those providers, according to a list released by the Department of Health and Human Services earlier this year, could include over 400 local Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Laura Ingraham discusses on Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor:

Judge Blocks Oklahoma Law Preventing Young Teens From Getting Morning After Pill


A judge has put the brakes on an Oklahoma law that would prevent young teen girls from getting the morning after pill.

The decision comes after the Obama Administration, this summer, dropped its legal battle against a judge’s decision that would allow young girls to purchase the Plan B morning after pill over the counter.

That decision essentially allowed anyone to purchase the drug and opponents of the decision say it paves the way for male sexual predators to purchase the drug for girls they victimize, by removing safeguards currently in place.

This is Abortion

It’s so easy for us to be anti-abortion, but forget how heinous the act really is. I went to a recommended pro-life website and decided to watch a four-minute video that was posted on there.  As you can imagine, I wept through the whole thing. I had seen many similar pictures in the past, but I needed to be reminded again. Then at the end of the video, they showed some unreal footage. What you see is a doctor’s gloved hands wrapping up an aborted baby’s lifeless body. It lasts about 4 seconds, but that image is forever etched in my memory. I pictured in my mind, that man callously dumping that precious body into the trash.  It is how you would treat an animal, a piece of meat. That precious, beautiful creation of God was thrown into the garbage, never one human soul having loved it, protected it, cared for it or cradled it in their arms. Of course, I “knew” of the reality of this happening every day, but to actually see this particular footage was haunting.  —Rachel (Comfort) Zwayne

Only Canada, China, North Korea and U.S. Allow Abortions After 20 Weeks


In recent months, the liberal media have depicted Texas’s decision to ban non-medically necessitated abortions after 20 weeks as extreme as well as additional evidence of a Republican “war on women.”

On ABC’s This Week Sunday, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina refuted this claim pointing out that only four countries in the world allow abortions that late – Canada, China, North Korea, and the United States.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, HOST: One of the big ones, Carly, is women. I guess Mitt Romney won married women by about eleven points, but lost single women by almost 50, 46 points. How do you turn that around?

Why I Joined the Lawsuit Against the HHS Mandate


As a staunch advocate for the unborn and an outspoken activist against the harm that contraceptives can do to women, I find it appalling that the Obama Administration would force my employer, Priests for Life, to be complicit in offering contraceptives, directly or indirectly, to its employees.

That is why I have decided to join forces with Fr. Frank Pavone, Janet Morana, and Priests for Life to challenge the Department of Health and Human Services and stop the implementation of the “contraceptive services mandate” which would force Priests for Life to provide insurance plans that include coverage for, or access to, contraception, sterilization, abortifacients, and related education and counseling.

The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy: Abortion’s Slippery Slope

by David Ayers

Ever heard of a “two-minus-one pregnancy?” Chances are you have not, unless you have read therecent article by that title in the New York Times Magazine. This expression, which we may have to get used to, is one more “weasel term” in a long list of euphemisms invented by champions of “choice.” It refers to a rare but increasingly used “medical” procedure that some women want and some physicians provide—also known as a “twin reduction.” How does it work?

Peer-Reviewed Study: Abortion is Not Safer for Women Than Childbirth


How often do you hear a child disposal apologist repeat the talking point that abortion is safer for the mother than childbirth?

It’s never been quite the showstopper they hoped for, since annual pregnancy-related deaths in the United States (650) are less than a thousandth of 1% of the annual number of live births (3,953,590), because it seems like a new abortion mill is being busted for health violations almost every week, and ultimately because it wouldn’t change the fact that abortion’s mortality rate for the baby is virtually 100%.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Businesses Get $655K More in Obamacare Funds


Three more local affiliates of the Planned Parenthood abortion business are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funding from the federal government to promote Obamacare.

The new grants the HHS department announced today follow one from the Washington, D.C. Obamacare exchange earlier this week.

As Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner reports:

President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services announced on Thursday that it had made grants totaling about $655,000 to three different branches of abortion provider Planned Parenthood so that the groups could help Americans sign up for health coverage through Obamacare.

“Cheap, Government-Funded, and Common:” How Abortion Activists Want Abortions


“Cheap, government-funded, and common.” That’s how The Atlantic’s Emily Matchar, currently living in the People’s Republic of China, described Chinese abortion policy last week in her piece outlining varying abortion laws worldwide.

By contrast, Matchar describes the newly passed law in North Carolina, her home state, as “stunningly restrictive.”

For the unaware, the North Carolina legislature recently passed both the Safe Harbor for Victims of Sex Trafficking bill (SB 683) and the Health and Safety Changes Act (SB 353). The legislation addresses minors who are victims of sex-trafficking, requires abortion facilities to meet increased health and safety standards, and protects the conscience rights of health care workers who object to participating in abortion. The new law also bans sex-selective abortion – lethal sex-discrimination usually carried out against girl children. And yes, from Columbia University to the University of California-San Francisco, there is evidence that sex-selective abortions are happening in the United States.

Planned Parenthood Getting Obamacare Funds Broke Law to Sell Abortion Drugs


One of the four Planned Parenthood abortion business affiliates to get taxpayer funding from Obamacare was accused of breaking state laws to sell abortion drugs in New Hampshire.

As LifeNews reported, three more local affiliates of the Planned Parenthood abortion business are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funding from the federal government to promote Obamacare. Among the grants listed were $295,604 for Planned Parenthood of Montana; $214,427 for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland; and $145,161 for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

One of the affiliates has been accused of engaging in a massive Medicaid fraud scheme.