This is Abortion

It’s so easy for us to be anti-abortion, but forget how heinous the act really is. I went to a recommended pro-life website and decided to watch a four-minute video that was posted on there.  As you can imagine, I wept through the whole thing. I had seen many similar pictures in the past, but I needed to be reminded again. Then at the end of the video, they showed some unreal footage. What you see is a doctor’s gloved hands wrapping up an aborted baby’s lifeless body. It lasts about 4 seconds, but that image is forever etched in my memory. I pictured in my mind, that man callously dumping that precious body into the trash.  It is how you would treat an animal, a piece of meat. That precious, beautiful creation of God was thrown into the garbage, never one human soul having loved it, protected it, cared for it or cradled it in their arms. Of course, I “knew” of the reality of this happening every day, but to actually see this particular footage was haunting.  —Rachel (Comfort) Zwayne

This video is not pleasant, but it must be seen. Thousands of innocent unborn children are torn to pieces every day in the U.S. because most people simply don’t know what abortion actually does. With the exception of the final scene (a second-trimester fetus), all of the video you will see depicts children who were killed during first-trimester abortions.


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