‘Pro-choice’ political science professor: ‘I think we are going to see Roe overturned’


An academic observer believes the U.S. Supreme Court will seriously revise, or even repeal, Roe v. Wade within the next two years because the American people do not believe viability is the only criterion that should limit when a woman can procure an abortion.

American University political science professor Karen O’Connor, who supports abortion-on-demand,told ABC News, “I think we are going to see Roe overturned.”

“I’m thinking 2015,” she added.

O’Connor said the number of cases “pending in the circuit court” makes it more likely the justices will take up a challenge to Roe. “I would say the year after next is going to be a blockbuster year for the court,” she said.

Companies & Celebrities that Financially Support Abortion Giant Planned Planned Parenthood


Since Roe v Wade and estimated 57 Million Children were put to death in the United states alone.  This is designed to identify companies and celebrities that financially support Abortion Giant Planned Planned Parent Hood and other abortion clinics.  The inspiration for me doing this is to celebrate life not death.  Abortion is death!  This must end.

My goal is to STOP the funding of abortion by Businesses, the Government, and Celebrities.  By funding Planned parenthood they are glorifying the death of a child.  .

What Gosnell Hath Wrought: Why The Left is now Losing the Abortion Debate


The recent trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell has led to a wave of new laws at the state level aimed at abortion. The sheer horror of what was uncovered in Gosnell’s clinic has caused plenty of legislators to take a closer look at how abortion clinics in their state are regulated and inspected and also how late those abortions are being performed.

As these new laws began to be debated and voted on in several states, the pro-abortion lobby geared up as usual, summoning the troops and their friends in the media to turn back any new attempts at abortion restrictions. They are a well-oiled machine by now, having turned back many such attempts at state-level restrictions in the past.

Gosnell Abortion Clinic Worker Finds God and Becomes Pro-Life: ‘She Wants to Live a Christ-like Life’


Following a LifeNews.com report on Tuesday that a former Dr. Ketmit Gosnell clinic worker is now finding God and embracing pro-life sentiment, we reached out to pro-life activist Abby Johnson, who is working with her, to learn more.

As we previously reported, Johnson was once the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. Today, her life has changed dramatically, as she is now one of America’s premiere anti-abortion voices. She runs a ministry called And Then There Were None, an organization that helps former clinic workers escape the industry and recover from the emotional toll it so often takes.

Beating Abortion: Killing the Industry’s Lifeline


For decades, the fight against abortion has focused on protests, prayer, and elections. Now the strategy is to go after the lifeline of the abortion industry – its money and its workers. And the new strategy is getting results.

“Since 1992, two-thirds of the abortion clinics in America have shut down permanently,” Mark Crutcher, founder and president of Life Dynamics Inc., said.

Crutcher and his organization, headquartered in Denton, Texas, have been fighting hard against the abortion industry for the past three decades. In 1992, there were more than 2,100 clinics open. Today, there are fewer than 650.

Did Wendy Davis’ Pro-Abortion Filibuster Mark a Pro-Life Tipping Point?


“When facts change, I change my mind! What do you do?”—John Keynes, British economist

Fifty years ago this August, a 30-something crusader for justice shared his magnificent “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington. At that time, the most oppressed—defined as those receiving “unfair and cruel treatment by another”—group were black Americans. Today that designation belongs to pre-born Americans. In New York alone, 41 percent of pregnancies end in abortion.

Your contribution to China’s One-Child Policy (Even if you didn’t know it)


Two weeks ago, the US State Department ranked China as one of the worst countries in the world for sex-trafficking, giving the one-child policy as the root cause.

This analysis is spot on. It is because of the one-child policy that Chinese parents are forced to artificially limit their childbearing. Many choose to have boys over girls. China is currently short more than 37,000,000 women as female infanticide, sex-selective abortion, and neglect have ripped through the female population.

If only Kermit Gosnell had worn pink sneakers like Wendy Davis


Imagine a parallel universe in which the media coverage of legislators’ recent efforts to pass gun control omitted any reference to last year’s slaughter of 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

To be sure, opinions vary on these laws and their effect. But it would still be absurd if everyone writing about these new proposals chose to ignore the incident that set them off, and instead treated them by default as a completely unprompted assault on Second Amendment rights.

Starting This Week, It’s Harder to Get an Abortion in 5 States


Abortion restrictions are popping up everywhere, it seems.

While activists and celebrities protest a bill in Texas, Ohio just enacted legislation of its own.

A thousand miles from Austin, Texas, Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed new restrictions Sunday night as part of a new state budget. Ohio will soon require that women receive ultrasounds before having abortions, and the state will ban public hospitals from having written agreements with abortion clinics to receive women for further care after they have elective abortions.

Those laws won’t take effect for 90 days, according to Kasich’s office.

Bizarre rash of cases of babies thrown in trash and/or flushed down the toilet. Why?


BY John Jalsevac

What is going on out there? In the past several months, it seems like there has been a steadily increasing flow of cases in which mothers or other individuals have been accused of dumping newborn babies into the trash and/or trying to flush them down the toilet.

I’ve been working in this business for nearly 10 years, and I can’t ever recall a similar string of incidents. Recently, to help keep all the stories organized on our website we even had to come up with a tag, the macabre, but sadly necessary “toilet births.”

Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi by Father Frank Pavone


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Dear Mrs. Pelosi,

Last Thursday, June 13, you were asked a question in a press briefing that you declined to answer. The question was, “What is the moral difference between what Dr. Gosnell did to a baby born alive at 23 weeks and aborting her moments before birth?”

Given the fact that the Gosnell case has been national news for months now, and that Congress, where you serve as House Democratic Leader, was about to have a vote on banning abortion after 20 weeks fetal age, this was a legitimate question.

‘War against women?’: In GOP abortion debate, women lead the way


When it came to fighting late-term abortion, House Republicans fought a war with women.

Without the enthusiastic support of GOP congresswomen, it would have been impossible for thePain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” (H.R. 1797) to pass the House of Representatives on Tuesday night.

From management to floor speeches to presentations, women led the fight.

Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, was chosen to manage the bill on the House floor, where she asked all members to consider the rights of a child inside the womb.

Rush Limbaugh: Abortion is at the Heart of American Society’s Ills


On his radio show Friday, Rush Limbaugh delivered a powerful monologue (transcriptvideo) asserting that in addition to its innate monstrousness, abortion is “at the root of our cultural decay” as a nation, its impact stretching from respect for life and personal responsibility to crime, immigration, and the economy:

The War on Girls: Ob-Gyns Ignore Health Risks to Push IUDs, Hormonal Implants on Teen Girls


Last week in The War on Girls: NYC Schools Pushing Plan B on Young Girls, I wrote about NYC’s outrageous policy of pushing the morning after pill on teen-aged girls through the schools.

This week’s story is from a September 26 CNS article detailing an even more outrageous update to the guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to make dangerous IUDs and hormonal implants the “first-line contraceptive options” for teen-aged girls, which should be “discussed at each doctor’s visit.” The updated guidelines recommend that doctors suggest these “longer term alternatives” that “can be left inserted inside a woman’s body and left in place for several years.”

Younger Women Face Higher Rates of Breast Cancer Thanks to Abortion


Scientific studies from around the world show that younger women, specifically those between the ages of 25 and 39, are increasingly being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer—which has often spread further in the body by the time of diagnosis. A study on cancer rates in Geneva, Switzerland, published in 2007 found that breast cancer in this age group of women increased at the alarming rate of 46.7% per year from 2002 to 2004.