Gosnell Abortion Clinic Worker Finds God and Becomes Pro-Life: ‘She Wants to Live a Christ-like Life’


Following a LifeNews.com report on Tuesday that a former Dr. Ketmit Gosnell clinic worker is now finding God and embracing pro-life sentiment, we reached out to pro-life activist Abby Johnson, who is working with her, to learn more.

As we previously reported, Johnson was once the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. Today, her life has changed dramatically, as she is now one of America’s premiere anti-abortion voices. She runs a ministry called And Then There Were None, an organization that helps former clinic workers escape the industry and recover from the emotional toll it so often takes.

Johnson spoke in detail with TheBlaze about the individual she’s helping. At the moment, the former Gosnell employee’s name has not been released, as she wants to retain privacy. And following the horrific trial during which shocking and murderous post-birth abortions were detailed, this silence is understandable.

See, this individual actually testified against the infamous doctor. In the end, she was apparently so impacted by the end result of the case and her involvement, that she reached out to the pro-life group to seek help.

“She actually heard about our ministry through some pro-life news sources and she ended up contacting us,” Johnson told TheBlaze. “[She is] not in prison anymore and basically just wanted to reach out to a group that can help her.”

Understandably, the former clinic worker, who, based on what we know about Gosnell’s clinic, the Women’s Medical Society, likely witnessed and participated in unspeakable horrors, is now dealing with guilt, shame and remorse. According to Johnson, she turned to And Then There Were None in an effort to find people who were safe for her to speak with.

Now, Johnson and her organization are providing her with spiritual and emotional support, as she has become pro-life and is looking for a deeper relationship with the Almighty. To assist in this process, the former Gosnell employee has been connected with a pastor who can help tend to some of these needs. It’s still early in the process, though, as she first reached out to Johnson only about a week and a half ago.

In addition to physical and emotional support, there are also employment needs, too. Let’s face it. After having such intense involvement in a highly-publicized case, finding work won’t be easy.

“If you Google her name, it’s linked to Gosnell,” Johnson explained, noting that her organization plans to help by contacting pro-lifers in the former clinic worker’s area to try and help her find gainful employment.

Certainly, some — even those in the pro-life movement — will question how genuine the former worker’s change-of-heart is, but Johnson asks that everyone respect her as she grapples with what went on and the atrocities she participated in at the clinic.

“We have been praying for all of the [Gosnell] workers — but this worker in particular by name for months and months, so to have her contact us was pretty exciting,” Johnson told TheBlaze, later adding, “She wants to live a Christ-like life.”

Johnson said that, while the woman wishes to remain anonymous for now, that she will hopefully come forward and tell her story in the near future. In the mean time, Johnson encouraged those looking to help to offer prayer for the former worker and her family.

“She’s going to need to know that there’s support from the pro-life community and not condemnation,” Johnson added.

This isn’t the only Gosnell news to come this week. On Monday, Eileen O’Neill, an unlicensed doctor who also worked at the clinic, was sentenced to six to 23 months house arrest and two years of subsequent probation. She will also need to do 100 hours of community service in a non-medical field.



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