Why Gosnell’s ‘house of horrors’ is the logical result of legalized abortion


Abortion advocates are essentially no different from Nazis or Soviet Communists. All of them have picked a class of humans to sacrifice. Let’s take the Nazis for example: over a period of time and by a series of complex political and social occurrences and manuevers, the Jew became Germany’s scapegoat. Getting rid of Jews (and priests, and gypsies, and homosexuals, and the mentally and physically disabled, etc.) was a necessary sacrifice to make Germany better, more prosperous, and safer. The exterminations took place somewhere else, where the average Berlin shop girl couldn’t see and wonder at the clusters of buildings surrounded by barbed wire, the oily smoke rising from the chimneys.

“How can you possibly write that?” some of you are screaming at your monitors. “How dare you diminish the suffering of the Holocaust?”

I’m not diminishing anything. You are. Because history repeats itself, and denial is very human.

Today, in America, unborn humans are the Jews. They’re not “real” humans, just like Jews weren’t “real” humans. I mean, they’re alive, but not technically. They don’t feel and see and think, not the way we do. They’re different. They even look different.

Getting rid of them is often a necessary sacrifice for women who deserve more than being a baby making machine, deserve hope and a career and a future. But it’s also a necessary sacrifice for our society, which simply cannot handle all those unwanted or disabled children born to women who can’t or won’t take care of them.

Aborting the unwanted and the unfit makes America better, more prosperous, and safer.

The exterminations take place somewhere else, in clinics with innocuous names like “Women’s Health Center.” The procedures are unseen and not clearly understood, even by the patients. The nature of the unborn isn’t even clearly understood. Fetal development? Who needs to know the details? It’s part of the esoterica, like a Menorrah or a Mezuzah. It doesn’t matter.

Many Germans were shocked when they were shown the massive pits full of emaciated corpses, the gold long since pulled from their mouths and melted down for the war effort. Women cried when they saw the gas chambers, the ovens, the skeletons of babies and children.

Today, Americans gape at their computer screens as they read about the snipped spinal cords, the babies struggling to escape from toilets, the fetuses stored in cat food, the butchered women, the racism, the filthiness, and the absurd and somehow disturbing image of a dirty cat strolling through the carnage, watching with its lazy cat eyes as women writhed in blood-stained recliners.

The gate over the entrance to Auschwitz read, “Arbeit macht frei.” Work leads to freedom. We still shake our heads at the grim irony of it, and with a sort of smug complacency. That could never happen here.

Gosnell’s so-called “house of horrors” is the logical end result of declaring a class of humans inhuman. It is what happens when naive women are told, without a trace of irony, that death leads to freedom: that killing their unborn children will rescue them, help them, free them.

Tell me again why we’re surprised.



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