Be The Next Bonhoeffer: Fight To End The American Holocaust


By Summer Hoover

I know I have quite a few pro-choice friends … well, maybe not after this.  But there has been a stirring in my heart over this.  A few months ago I began reading a book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. Bonhoeffer was a German pastor prior to and during the rise of Hitler.  He had a profound ability to see the truth when so many of his countrymen were feasting on a lie. Through his growing relationship with God and the growing evil (read = killing of Jews & others) around him, Bonhoeffer became a part of a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler.  For him it was the only way to save God’s chosen people and his duty as a Christ-follower.  He would be arrested, imprisoned in a concentration camp and executed, only a few weeks before the camp was liberated.

“A major theme for Bonhoeffer was that every Christian must be “fully human” by bringing God into his whole life, not merely some spiritual realm.  To be an ethereal figure who merely talked about God, but somehow refused to get his hands dirty, was bad theology.  Through Christ, God had shown that he meant us to be in the world and to obey him with our actions in this world.  So Bonhoeffer would get his hands dirty, not because he had grown impatient, but because God was speaking to him about further steps of obedience.” – Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy.

Reading this book made me confront my own hypocrisy.  I have always been pro-life, but I had never looked at pictures of aborted babies or watch videos of abortion. Frankly, my heart couldn’t handle it.  I had kept myself at a safe distance from the reality of abortion while being staunchly against it … in theory.  I was not unlike the German people in Nazi Germany, who lived a few miles away from concentration camps where thousands … millions of undesirables, Jews, homosexuals, and disabled people – men, women and children – were being herded into gas chambers (disguised as showers) and poisoned, then burned in massive piles of bodies.  I was not unlike those people who could see the smoke from their houses, but because life was pleasant for them, didn’t really care or think much of it.  In short, I had never gotten my hands dirty.  I would drive by Planned Parenthood or other “women’s health clinics” and shake my head, but like the Germans, I didn’t bother myself with it. After all, it didn’t concern me.  Sure, I “personally” knew it was wrong, but abortion was a hot-button issue that I just didn’t want to wade into. This book on Bonhoeffer changed me.  It woke me up to the reality of the evil of abortion.   I could no longer stand by, close my eyes, and just let it happen.  It is a modern day Holocaust on a scale that even Hitler couldn’t have imagined.  By the way, Nazis forced undesirable women to have abortions too.

So I forced myself to view pictures of aborted babies:  6-week-old to 23-week-old aborted babies.  I forced myself to see their dismembered body parts, little arms laying next to a quarter for size comparison, and babies aborted in the third trimester in plastic bags, in trash cans with their skulls crushed.  I forced myself to confront the evil that surrounds us.  I’m still forcing myself.  I forced myself to listen to a former abortionist describe the systematic dismemberment of a baby in the mother’s womb after they’ve injected his brain with saline solution to kill him.  I heard him describe how the little boy’s brain matter gushed out when he crushed his head in order to remove it piece by piece from the mother’s womb.  If you are a mother, then you know the joy that comes with the first time you hear your son or daughter’s heartbeat at eight weeks gestation. You know the joy of the first kicks and every kick after that.  I know without a doubt that my son was alive inside my body. I know without a doubt that my daughter was alive inside my body.  And every ounce of science backs that innate knowledge up.

I know that my son was ALIVE inside of me with the ability to recognize and react.  I know this because one night when I was seven months pregnant with him, my husband laid his head on my belly and began talking to our son.  As he talked, I felt him roll over to the side of my belly that my husband was on.  Then I felt him rub his little hand up and down along my husband’s cheek.  He felt it too. How does something that isn’t alive do that?

Abortion is NOT just a political issue.  It is a moral issue.  It is a spiritual issue.  It is a human issue.  Christians, we cannot be lukewarm on this one!  Read Revelation if you need a refresher of what God thinks about lukewarm Christians.  I have been lukewarm for far too long.  No more.  You must have the courage to view those images, watch the videos of actual abortions, and listen to the detailed description of what takes place when a baby is systematically murdered and dismembered.  You must listen to accounts of babies born alive after a botched abortion and left to die alone in a laundry closet or who have their spinal cords snipped.  You must.  Even if you are crying and praying to God the entire time like I was, you must.

When the Allied Forces liberated the concentration camps, part of the requirement for aiding Germany in the “clean up” was requiring the citizens of those cities just miles away to walk through the camps before the bodies and evidence was removed.  There is video of this.  German people were all smiles and laughs walking into the camps, but the video of them walking out shows a different story.  Their faces are stark, pale, overcome with grief and horror.  They SAW with their own eyes, heard with their own ears, smelled with their own noses the atrocities that took place there.  The Allied Forces wanted to make sure that the German people never forgot the horrific mass murder that went on right … next … door.

The next time you drive past a Planned Parenthood, I want you to think about what I’ve written here, about the babies being slaughtered and the women who will forever be scarred emotionally and psychologically by what they are experiencing in that building.  The next time you roll your eyes at the “crazy” pro-life people, praying and protesting outside one of those clinics, I want you to know thatTHOSE people refuse to be the blissfully ignorant Germans.  They are getting their hands dirty. Theyare the ones who confronted evil when everyone else said, “It’s none of my business.”

They are the Bonhoeffers.


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