This Pro-Lifer Has Saved More Than 1,000 Babies From Abortions


John Barros has been ministering to women considering abortions in Florida for years and is credited by local pro-life advocates with saving more than 1,000 babies from abortions.

Now, a new video celebrates his work — and thousands have already watched it and celebrated with them.

Barros does most of his work at the Orlando Women’s Center abortion clinic. it was there, in June, that he helped a woman nine months pregnant who was considering abortion.

A pro-life blog has the rest of the story:

According to pro-lifers, ” Danielle actually looked up on the abortuary’s website to see if she could get an abortion at NINE months pregnant. And this morning, she came for her appointment on late-term day to murder her baby. But faithful, full-time missionary, John Barros, was there to stop her and do his best to rescue that little one being taken to the slaughter… to speak up for that baby who had no idea what was about to happen to him or her… to share the Gospel with Danielle and talk to her about repentance. And as of a few minutes ago, Danielle has left the killing place and has gone down to the pregnancy help center! Three other late-term mamas have fled from their killing appointments as well! Praise the Lord for His faithful soldiers on the front lines with the Gospel in Orlando this morning!



“I was apprehensive about showing this video… I was asked by members of my Church, St. Andrews Chapel in Sanford Florida, if I would allow the Leclerc Brothers, an award winning film maker, to follow me for a week… I said no for close to a year but my Wonderful Wife Vicki Ann persuaded me to do it so that other folks would see that they can do it as well…Phil and his lovely Wife Esther came down with their Beautiful Son Prince Philip… It was an Awesome time… The Lord Jesus sent us down a different road than usual because of all the cameras etc. Phil wanted to make this short film to help get other men out in the field… I have started a website called WHOWILLSTAND.NET and hope to get men all around this country to adopt their local abortion clinic… To go there in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ… As you can see I do not look like Brad Pitt, more like Shrek, I’m handicapped in many ways but Jesus Loves to use Broken Vessels…. He is calling for His People to Rise Up so please go and see what He Will do through you…. I am so Exceedingly Thankful for my Church… St. Andrews Chapel is an Amazing place… Most of the Team on the sidewalk down here is comprised of other members from there and many Young People from Reformation Bible College… Pastors R.C. Sproul and Burk Parsons are Relentless in their fight against this Greatest Evil in our land… They fight it on every level imaginable… The Elders Deacons and Members are in constant Prayer and Work… R. C. Sproul Sr. is calling out to other Pastors and Churches to get into The Battle… I can’t tell you what an Honor it is to have my Hero and Dear Friend R.C. Sproul Jr. in this film… God has used him Mightily in my life…If you have any questions or would like me to speak to your Church or Group just email me…. JCBARROS@AOL.COM…. Above all I am humbled by this… You can ask anyone that knows me it isn’t me…. I have never talked anyone out of an abortion…. Only God can do that and He does it through His Gospel…”


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