Sexual Abuse by Abortionists


The former director of a leading abortion advocacy group who was caught in a child sex stingpleaded guilty to his crimes.

Scott Richard Swirling, who was the director of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA), was arrested for attempting to arrange for a sexual encounter with a twelve-year-old girl. He was charged with traveling across state lines to engage in illicit sexual conduct, a crime which carries a penalty of up to 30 years.

“Sexual predators who impregnate underage girls rely on cooperative abortion clinics to cover up their crimes.  As Live ActionLife Dynamics, and others have documented, Planned Parenthood abortion clinics frequently fail to comply with mandatory reporting laws,” it said.

“The National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association strongly supports taxpayer funding for abortion clinics.  Many Planned Parenthood affiliates are NFPRHA members,” it added. “There is no mention of Mr. Swirling on the NFPRHA website.”

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, responded, “Nobody should be surprised that people who advocate the murder of children would be involved in the sexual abuse of children.”

Crutcher exposed the covering of the sexual abuse of children by the abortion industry in his project: Child Predators. Audio and Transcripts of the child predator investigation conducted by Crutcher uncovered and overwhelming body of statistical evidence which show the rate at which the abortion industry failed to comply with mandatory reporting laws is in excess of 90 percent.


Arizona’s most prominent abortion doctor was convicted yesterday on 22 counts of sexually abusing patients over the past 17 years.

Dr. Brian Finkel, 54, who has said he performed 20 percent of the state’s abortions annually, was found not guilty on 34 counts, including six of the more serious charges of sexual assault, the Arizona Republic reported.

A parade of victims came forward during the three-month trial with claims of sexual abuse, including twisting their nipples, kissing them or fondling them inappropriately during exams. Finkel, however, was acquitted of charges involving digital penetration.

He could be sentenced Jan. 2 to as long as 75 years in prison.

Janet Jorgensen of Phoenix, who accused Finkel of abusing her 15 years ago, told the Republic she was thrilled even though he was acquitted of some counts, and all counts involving her case came back not guilty.

A pro-life activist insists Finkel’s case is not as rare as news coverage would suggest.

The issue of sexual assault among abortion doctors remained virtually unaddressed until Mark Crutcher’s groundbreaking, carefully documented probe into the culture of abortion clinics, summarized in the 1996 book “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice.”


The employee of an abortion facility in Connecticut has issued a guilty plea in a case involving the sexual abuse of three teenage girls. Former modeling agency owner Michael Britt, who worked as a janitor at the abortion center, is the subject of the latest Connecticut case involving sexual abuse and abortion.

Britt stands accused of sexually assaulting three teenagers from Norwalk who went to his modeling agency. He plead guilty before Superior Court Judge Richard Comerford to reduced charges — one count of second degree sexual assault.

According to the Connecticut Post, Britt, a 43 year-old and the owner of Model World Enterprises had been charged on multiple counts but Senior Asst. State’s Attorney Cornelius Kelly told the judge the teens were reluctant to testify against him.

The newspaper indicated that Britt sexually abuses teens aged 18, 17 and 14 in March and April 2005 after they signed papers to be models.  Britt lured the teenagers by telling them that they couldn’t become models unless that had intercourse with him. He took the 14 year-old to the Summit Women’s Center abortion facility, where he worked and which was located in the same building as his agency. The 17 year-old indicated he took her to the abortion center as well.

The 14 year-old appeared to be pregnant prior to meeting Britt and an AP report indicates he applied a cream on the body of the 14 year-old at the abortion center, which was closed at the time, saying it would cause an abortion.



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